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Zaruba (ザルバ, Zaruba) is a Madō Ring (魔導輪, Madōrinin) the Original Series, Ryūga-verse, and Anime Series.

Character & Description[edit | edit source]

Zaruba is suggestively created by Makai Priest Amon. A sentient magical ring with attitude, he's the partner and confidant to Makai Knight Taiga Saejima. Acting as his adviser, Horror detector, darkness tracker, and friend, Zaruba served within the Saejima Clan for at least three generations. After Taiga's death, he was transferred to Taiga's son, Kouga Saejima, and later to his grandson Raiga Saejima. A blunt and direct type, Zaruba has a smart mouth, often has a dark sense of humor and mock others for their bad decisions. He always likes the point out the unpleasant side of things as a reminder of their duty as protectors and rubs it in when he's right.

One aspect of Zaruba that was never explained was how he ended up with Raiga. When Legendary Horror Eyrith opened portals between time and space, Kouga's wife, Kaoru Mitsuki, was sucked into the vortex. The Moonbow Traveler revealed that Kouga brought his own copy of both Zaruba and Garoken, both of which he used to save Rekka and Rian, leaving the originals in Raiga's hands. While identical in appearance, the second Zaruba in Kouga's possession is shown flickering in and out of existence, but nevertheless connected with both the original and the second replica in resurrected Taiga's possession, as all three are shown finishing one another's sentences.

Skills & Abilities[edit | edit source]

The full strength of Zaruba is unknown; throughout the series, he's able to help dispel confusion, detect various spiritual energies, summon the Garoken, speak for the dead, temporary flight, breathes Madou Fire (in the Crimson Forest and Ilgishin's horror film dimension), detect Horrors, create parts of himself into a ring to help locate and detect Horrors, and see through illusions. His aid is not limited to Makai Knights, Kaoru once used Zaruba to guide her through the Crimson Forest back to the human world.

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Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Zaruba's name is old Makai word for "friend", playing with his role as the most trusted ally of the user of the Garo armor.

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