Zaruba (ザルバ, Zaruba) is a Madō Ring (魔導輪, Madōrinin) the Original Series, Ryūga-verse, and Anime Series.

Character & Description

In the Ryūga-verse, madōgus has fallen out of fashion. When the previous Garo had fallen, Zaruba ended up in the care of Makai Priest Burai. When Ryūga Dōgai succeeded as the new Garo, Zaruba deemed the young knight too immature to work with him and decided to keep himself in stasis. It was only after tossed to a blinded Ryuga by Burai that Zaruba sees the Makai Knight's resolve first hand and finally acknowledged him as a true successor to the Garo title. By Gold Storm, Zaruba is later upgraded by Ryūme with a metal mask. This allows her to detect if Ryuga is in danger and needs assistance. As an unexpected plus, the mask also forcibly shuts up Zaruba if he annoys Ryūga too much.

While Zaruba seems to perform a similar job like in the original universe, this ring apparently is less powerful as it doesn't seem to perform any abilities as the original does. In addition, this Zaruba has the ability to take the user's life force. According to the ring itself, when the Makai Knight makes a formal contract with him, an unspecified amount of life force is taken; Ryuga's lifespan is shortened by just wearing him. It might explain why madōgus phased out of popularity as nobody wants to utilize a tool that shortens their life.

Skills & Abilities

Zaruba retains basic abilities he shared with other pieces of sentient jewelry (dark energy detection, Horror sensing, provides wisdom and knowledge to the its wearer), he doesn't have any offensive abilities his Original Series counterpart possessed. Priestess Ryūme would later enhance Zaruba with a mask to allow her to gauge the danger he's in and she would appear to help if he's in trouble. Zaruba can also access hidden makai paths and purifier(s) hidden in Line City. As an unexpected plus, the mask also forcibly shuts up Zaruba if he annoys Ryūga too much, a feature which he and Rian occasionally exploit to tease him.

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Notes & Trivia

  • Zaruba's name is old Makai word for "friend", playing with his role as the most trusted ally of the user of the Garo armor.

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