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Zelos (ゼロス, Zerosu) is a silver Makai Armor that specializes in dual sword combat. Luke was originally meant to inherit the Bolg Armor from his father, Howling Knight Christopher Harden. After his father became Knight of El Dorado, the Bolg Armor became corrupted and Luke later acquired a new silver armor. This armor first appears in Vanishing Line.

Description & Characteristics

Because Zelos only made its appearance at the end of Vanishing Line, not much is known about it. It is a silver Makai Armor with golden parts on it and as with the rest of the armors in anime, it has a futuristic appearance and has a strong focus on technology. Also, its circuit-like markings glow upon charged with ki (life energy) wherein this armor's case, a bright shade of green. Its wolf design and aesthetics, however, having a number of similarities with Zen, as both wolf ears resemble wings and this silver armor has tusk-like parts on its face.

For combat, the knight is armed with a makai sword which in its dormant form takes the appearance of a collapsible sword that resembles a katana. In its activated form, it becomes a pair of twin futuristic swords which blades glow in the same accent with the armor's circuits. Its combat capabilities have yet to be revealed.


Luke inherits a Makai Blade which is required to summon the unnamed Silver Makai Armor. He used it against Knight in the final battle at El Dorado but is defeated. Even so, Knight and the severely corrupted Bolg Armor was eventually destroyed by Sword, and thus Luke officially became the new heir of the Zelos Armor. He would use it in his one-man journey to fight the darkness.

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