Zen is a red Makai Armor that specializes in fire scimitar combat. Whoever wields the armor shall take the title of the Zen the Flame Sword Knight (炎刃騎士・漸ゼン, Enjin Kishi Zen, Steadily). The armor is currently wielded by Takeru Jakuzure. This armor first appears in The One Who Shines in the Darkness.

Description & Characteristics[]

Zen is a Makai Armor with red and golden coloration. Even though Zen is wolf-themed, it's design takes ques from South Asian mythology. Zen's ears vaguely resemble bird wings while the small tusks protruding upwards on the helmet's jaw are reminiscent to either an elephant's or boar's. The armor also has sharp edges throughout its legs, arms, and back that resembles fire and quills. As with other Makai Armor in Ryūga-verse series, the armor is created from a Zedom seed-based Soul Metal.

For combat, the knight is armed with a makai sword called Flaming Scimitar, taking the form of a liuyedao (a type of military Chinese saber). In its activated form, the sword becomes a long dual-handed ornate saber. Like all makai armors, Zen is capable of performing Blazing Armament to increase its combat power with red and orange Madō Flames. However, what makes Zen unique is the armor's ability to compress and manipulate the fire. Zen can use its Madō Lighter to ignite the central skull on his chest armor like a furnace, where the flames will compress and burst with great power. Zen can focus the fire into his forearms and launch a volley of magical fire that acts like tracking missiles to its target. With the same fire, he can redirect its energies into his sword, creating white flames (around 2,400 °F) that can cut and incinerate through its target. Not surprisingly, this quirk resulted his Blazing Armament technique more tempestuous that Takeru sparingly used the technique to avoid unintended collateral damage.


Zen using a Soul Metal Shield

Zen's armor was later modified and enhanced after its user, Takeru Jakuzure, lost his right hand in combat. Makai Priest Burai created a Soul Metal prosthetic hand for Takeru that functions close to a real hand, but also made for armored combat. When Takeru activates his armor, the prosthetic will function with the armor like he never lost his hand; it has a secondary function of a combat shield. A large curved shield, it's powerful enough to deflect Zedom's particle beams (although repeated attacks affected the durability of the shield to the point it broke) and can be used as a smashing device against targets. Overall, the armor lives up to its title as Flaming Knight.

Skills & Abilities[]

  • Sword Proficiency: Zen is an armor specialized in sword combat, thus improves the wearer's skill with such weapon.
  • Shield Proficiency: Zen also improves the wearer's proficiency with shield as indicated by the armor's ability to upgrade shield configuration of Takeru's Soul Metal Fist.

Tools & Equipment[]

  • Flaming Scimitar: Zen's Makai Blade which fashioned into liuyedao in its normal form and assumes more ornate, two-handed version of itself. Takeru transforms by slamming his sword to the ground and drawing a large circle around him, opening a portal beneath his feet from which the Armor equips him, completing his transformation.
  • Soul Metal Shield: The configuration of Takeru's Soul Metal Fist which assumes flame-like motif when transformed.
  • Madō Lighter: To expose Horrors and assisting in performing Blazing Armament.


Variant Description
Zen (gold shine) Golden Shine Zen

Ryuga's determination to stop Zedom allowed him to convert some portion of the legendary Horror's essence into an enormous amount of golden energy which infuses itself into Zen armor, resulting it being enveloped by golden shine like Garo's. Since the golden shine also the very energy that empowered Garo, it endows the Zen armor with enough power to help destroy Zedom.


The armor has been in possession of Takeru Jakuzure for quite some time and as with other Makai Armor in Ryūga-verse series, created from Zedom seed-based Soul Metal. He used this armor in combating Horror threat in Volcity. Other than that, not much is known about this armor.

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Notes & Trivia[]

  • Alongside Gai, Zen is completely 100% graphically made. Unlike previous armors, where there was at least a physical prop, the production crew utilized motion capture and CG rendering to feature Zen in the series.
  • Just like Zex, Zen is a Makai Armor that uses both a sword and shield to fight. Both their users lost their one of there hands, leading them to obtain magical prosthetic hands.

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