Zesshin was a Makai Priest and former Darkness Hunter before he lost his sanity to darkness in the events of Darkness Slasher. He was the inventor of the Soul Insertion Technique and was defeated by Bikū.

Personality & Character[edit | edit source]

Zesshin was considered a brilliant Makai Priest and Darkness Hunter until he went mad and started killing innocents. The inventor of the Soul Insertion Technique, Zesshin used this technique to determine corrupted individuals and prosecute them. Unfortunately, repeated use of the technique challenged his view of light and dark. His senses of morality and ethics have been compromised and he has created a second ability using his insertion technique: transferring his soul. He learned to invade another person's body and take over the host's body. He's known to hollow out the soul, making the host an un-dead body for him to manipulate until he changes to a new body. Coming from an inbred family, the family strongly believes in blood purity and the men have been known to mate with the related women in their family. Before Zesshin lost his sanity and murdered his family, he mated with his daughter and impregnated her. She managed to give birth to Saya before being killed by her father.

Skills & Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Makai Priest Training: Trained in magical arts and martial arts, Zesshin can use tags for offensive attacks. He's able to summon dark spirits to do his bidding and use dark energies to power his spiritual form. His full capabilities are unknown, but he was considered a genius within the makai community.
  • Darkness Hunter Training: Zesshin was the previous generation's dark slashers. He helped define the next generation's way to verify a person's purity.

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