Zirkel’s Ring
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The Zirkel’s Ring, as a Horror is being drawn out.

Zirkel's Ring (ツィルケルの輪, Tsirukeru no Wa) is a powerful resurrection madōgu invented by Mad Makai Alchemist Mendoza in The Carved Seal of Flames and Divine Flame.

Description & Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Taking the form of a mirror, Zirkel's Ring is a powerful madōgu that can resurrect the dead from the makai (hell or underworld). Mendoza wanted power over life and death, making him an omnipotent being, but was defeated by Garo. The order wanted the ring destroyed, but Garm had it hidden away. The ring fell into the wrong hands and was used to bring back the dead. However, since the dead returning to the living is against nature, it can affect time and space. Garm warned that as more dead enter the living world, time and space becomes distorted and can even alter events in the past, causing time paradoxes and altering past events.

History[edit | edit source]

The Carved Seal of Flames[edit | edit source]

Mad Makai Alchemist Mendoza created the ring as a powerful weapon over life and death. Unfortunately, the ring requires human sacrifices and the Makai Order discovered Mendoza's unforgivable act and ex-communicated him from the order. It's unclear what happened to the original mirror, but it was presumed destroyed and Mendoza later rebuilt it when he became the right hand man to King Fernando San Valiante. After Garm, Garo, and Zoro discovered the ring, they defeated Mendoza and recovered the ring.

Divine Flame[edit | edit source]

After Mendoza's defeat, the Makai Order had Garm dispose of the magical tool. However, Garm saw value in the tool and secretly hidden it away. Unfortunately, the tool was recovered by fallen Makai Knight Zem (aka Dario Montoya) and reversed engineered the tool into a far larger and powerful portal in hopes to resurrect Princess Sara Vazelia's body. However, Zem was being deceived by Nigra Venus (the Horror that possesses Sara) to help her open the makai world for other reasons. Garo managed to damage the ring and shut off the gateway between the mortal and makai realm, but not before attaining a new form by merging with Dario to become Sir Venus. Garo defeated the horror and the ring was permanently destroyed.

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