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Zoro is a silver Makai Armor that specializes in dual-short sword combat. Whoever wields this armor will take the title Zoro the Shadow Cutting Knight (絶影騎士・ゾロ Zetsuei Kishi Zoro). While exclusive to the anime continuity of the Garo series, the armor shares many aspects to Zero from the Original Series. This armor first appears in The Carved Seal of Flames.

Description & Characteristics

This is the anime version of Silver Fanged Knight Zero, renamed as Zoro the Shadow Cutting Knight. Although much of the design and aesthetics remain with Zero, there are differences. Zero's weapon in normal condition takes the appearance of twin short swords, but Zoro's twin daggers instead. When transformed, the daggers became a pair of chained butterfly-like swords. With it, Zoro can throw it at great distances to grapple and ensnare his opponent. Whereas Zero can combine his swords into boomerang-like sword staff that can cut things like a guided buzzsaw, Zoro's sword combines into a chained shield that can deflect attacks and inflict greater damage as a thrown weapon. Zoro swords can also be combined at the pommel into a sword staff, though the said configuration only accessible in the weapons' transformed state while the user not donning the armor (doing so would result in the swords' pommel automatically connected to chains on Zoro armor's wrists). As seen in the fight against Zex, Zoro can perform a spin attack that matches Zex's Drill Formation attack in destructive power. Lastly, Zoro can perform the Blazing Armament where similar to Zero, its Madō Flames are blue in color.

For combat assistance, Zoro has his Madōba, Getsuei. As with other madōba, the mechanical stallion is for high-speed transportation and horseback combat. Aside from generic characteristics of madōba such as speed, durability, agility, and strength beyond normal horses, Getsuei seems to have no special gimmicks aside from a blade attached on its head similar to Zero's Ginga, though how good Getsuei using its head blade is unclear. While fighting in water, the madōba can run fast enough to run above large bodies of water like a jet ski. Its full capabilities are not clearly defined. Interestingly, Germán can summon the Madōba without having to don the Zoro armor.

Weapons & Equipment

  • Zoro Daggers: Twin Makai Blades fashioned into ornate butterfly swords which pommel can be either connected to each other into a swordstaff or attached on the chains at Zoro's wrists where both can combine into a small shield. In its normal state, the blades assume the form of twin daggers.
  • Jiruba: Zoro's Madōgu.


Variant Description
Garo-Zoro.jpg Double Extreme Fusion Garo

In the final battle against Mendoza, León used both his father's and his own weapons to combine the Garo and Zoro armors into a powerful new form. The composite armor possesses emerald-colored Madō Fire wings, León's original Garo armor's scarves, and Zoro's chain reels and is capable of flight.

Known users: León Luís



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Notes & Trivia

  • Zoro, alongside Bolg, are two Makai Armors in the anime continuity whose designs were inspired by Zero of the original series.
    • Much like Gai, Zoro has its right wolf ear larger than its left one.
  • Zoro seemed to be named after either Zorro, the fictional character created in 1919 by American pulp writer Johnston McCulley, or Roronoa Zoro, one of main protagonists of shonen manga One Piece.

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